Cocktail News  -  Mon 03/07/11
John Chorlton writes a nice article at about the new Budd Trail in Crested Butte.
National Trails Day is Saturday June 5th. Help us build the Budd Trail 2.5 mile extension to the Lower Loop in Crested Butte.
Ride lightly in the early season, and help improve the Walrod Cutoff and Cave Trails near CB South this Wednesday. Meet at 4pm at the 409/Cave trailhead on Cement Creek Road.
2010 Alley Loop Wax Call  -  Thu 02/04/10
Bryan Wickenhauser tells you what wax to use for the 2010 Alley Loop. Now all you have to do is ski fast!
Duke gets treatment for Addisons Disease and we monitor his progress.
Duke and Addison's Disease  -  Mon 11/16/09
Our rescue Brittany, Duke, has Addison's Disease
Welcome Back Winter  -  Mon 11/16/09
Welcome back to winter!
Half Ready  -  Fri 10/30/09
We weren't quite ready for a 12" snow storm on October 27-28, 2009.
Lost Armstrong Bike Helmet  -  Mon 07/13/09
Lost helmet at Deadman trailhead up Cement Creek.
GPS search ends after eight weeks.
CB South Farm Stand  -  Tue 06/23/09
Local farmstand selling fresh veggies and fruits in CB South.
Trail Karma: Lost GPS  -  Fri 05/08/09
2009 Al Johnson  -  Mon 03/23/09
Warm temps and sunny skies brought out the costume in everyone for the 35th annual Al Johnson Memorial Uphill Downhill Telemark Race at Crested Butte Mountain Resort.
Nordic skiing is once again "on track" for CB South as an agreement between Spann Ranches, Inc. and the CB South POA results in 5K nordic trails.
Colorado Travel Tips  -  Fri 12/19/08
Driving in Colorado can be dicey in winter, check the road conditions first!
Two great reads for the weather fans in the family. Superb low-cost gifts for anyone who enjoys snowflakes and/or clouds.
Google Flu Trends  -  Wed 11/12/08
Trends in flu cases.
Lost and Found - November 2008  -  Mon 11/10/08
Lost and Found in the Cement Creek vicinity
Twenty Years  -  Wed 10/15/08
Twenty years of wedded bliss
Speedy Cracker  -  Wed 10/08/08
Faster flyingcracker page loads
Lost and Found - September 2008  -  Wed 10/08/08
Lost and Found on trails around Crested Butte
Moving Servers  -  Tue 10/07/08
Moving site code to a new server can be fraught with peril.
Trail Karma  -  Mon 06/16/08
Trail Karma - do the right thing
More River Flows  -  Sun 06/01/08
More river flows and a bit of site reorganization.
River Flows  -  Fri 05/23/08
River flow information now displayed on the main weather page.
Surfing Blue Mesa  -  Tue 04/01/08
Al Johnson 2008  -  Mon 03/24/08
Sun and warm weather brought out costumes and skin at the 2008 Al Johnson Memorial Uphill Downhill Telemark race.
So much snow... we dug a moat to keep Duke in the backyard.
New Year Thanks  -  Thu 01/17/08
A few words of thanks for the new year...
Best Local Forecast  -  Mon 12/10/07
Crested Butte Avalanche Center now providing local forecasts to
Meyer Lemon Heaven  -  Sun 12/02/07
Zestful Meyer lemon, will you ever see your day?
Late Season Ride  -  Tue 11/27/07
Riding in Crested Butte after Thanksgiving? You better believe it.
Site Breakdown  -  Fri 10/05/07
News about our site breakdowns.
Flyingcracker Trailride Video  -  Fri 07/13/07
Crested Butte Flyingcracker trailride video by Suitcase of Courage
BB24TT 2007  -  Tue 07/10/07
Bridges of the Butte 24-Hour Townie Tour 2007
Bike Church  -  Mon 06/04/07
Bike Church at the Alpineer
Good Music: Phoenix  -  Mon 06/04/07
Fun pop-rock from Phoenix
Musical Perfect Storm  -  Tue 04/10/07
Best new music in 2007?
Ski Area Last Day 2007  -  Tue 04/10/07
Flauschink celebration in a blizzard during the last day of lift-served skiing at Crested Butte for 2007.
Soul Train 2007  -  Tue 04/10/07
Soul Train 2007 was filled with groovy music and groove thangs!
Al Johnson 2007  -  Sun 03/25/07
The 2007 Al Johnson featured costumes and more costumes.
Mardi Gras 2007  -  Mon 03/19/07
Niccoli Nordic Skiers Guide  -  Sat 01/27/07
Just what you wanted, a skiers guide to the Nordic Council's new Niccoli Loop.
A new nordic trail on the Niccoli Ranch near CB South may be the best new amenity in the upper East River valley for 2007.
Member #100  -  Tue 01/16/07
Over 100 people have signed up for their own custom home page. You can too!
Sabering Champagne  -  Tue 01/02/07
Cut off the top of a champagne bottle for maximum excitement!
Holiday Shopping  -  Mon 12/04/06
As you know, shopping for holiday gifts can be a chore. Here are a few sites which may ease the difficulty of finding the "right" gift.
1000+ Milestone  -  Sun 12/03/06
Over 1,000 page-hits in a single day, a new record for
Line Rider  -  Sun 12/03/06
Line Rider is now playing at
Squeekectomy  -  Wed 11/29/06
Ceilidh is a master at the squeekectomy.
Duke: Rock Star or Scoundrel?  -  Sat 11/18/06
Is Duke "normal" or is he a problem dog? You be the judge.
Up The Creek returns!  -  Tue 10/24/06
Moab riding is still great, Up The Creek campground is still open.
Colorado WebCams  -  Wed 10/18/06
We have added a slew of Colorado webcam images. View weather, skylines, streets, clouds, and satellite imagery.
Run Duke Run - Ch 3  -  Fri 10/06/06
The third installment of "Run, Duke, Run!", in which our hero (Duke), equipped with a much-improved GPS, re-visits the Reno-Flag-Bear-Deadmans trail.
Snowy Equinox  -  Fri 09/22/06
You might not expect snow 24 hours after the official end of summer... unless you live in Crested Butte.
Run, Duke, Run! - Chapter 2  -  Tue 09/12/06
Chapter 2 of "Run, Duke, Run!", in which our hero (Duke) accompanies us on a short hike and wildly exceeds our expectations.
Run, Duke, Run!  -  Thu 08/31/06
Dogs On A Trail... How far do they run? Flyingcracker investigates...
Pioneer ski area  -  Tue 08/22/06
Pioneer ski area as seen from Walrod Cutoff trail...
Lightning Strikes  -  Thu 07/27/06
Mother Nature is giving out E-tickets...
Bear Ass  -  Sun 07/09/06
Neighborhood Watch, the CB South edition. A phone call from alert naturist Brian Dale resulted in a bear sighting somewhat too close for comfort.
Micro Tornado  -  Tue 05/23/06
Mother Nature had her way once again, sending a micro-tornado to visit neighbors down the street. All we saw was hail and 40 knot winds. They had a different experience.
2006 Al Johnson Memorial Race  -  Sun 03/26/06
Holy smokes, Batman, we need a new costume! Yes, the Al Johnson Memorial Uphill Downhill Race took to the slopes last Sunday, and the freak flag was flying high!
Dogs Gone Wild!  -  Mon 02/06/06
Some days it seems like the flyingcracker menagerie is going nuts. The main challenge around flyingcracker headquarters is giving them enough exercise.
flyingcracker v2.0  -  Sat 01/14/06
We have just released version 2 of with lots of new features, bug fixes, and amazing content including a "my flyingcracker" custom page just for you.
Weather Underground  -  Fri 12/02/05
Observant weather aficianado Dave Scheefer reports data is now being carried by Weather Underground.
Cool Tools  -  Fri 10/28/05
A great collection of the best tools for the job, along with clothing, books, software, and more. Cool Tools is the best.
Duke Macallan  -  Mon 10/24/05
Duke Macallan, a Brittany Spaniel, joins Ceilidh to round out the family.
Ceilidh Update  -  Sun 10/23/05
Ceilidh is growing up.
FlyingCracker Stickers  -  Wed 10/19/05
We have a limited number of FlyingCracker stickers available.
Toby and Ceilidh  -  Thu 09/15/05
As of 9/14/05 we're the proud owners of Ceilidh, an American Cocker Spaniel.
Bartending  -  Sun 07/10/05
For a long time I've wondered if I would have fun bartending. Now I have the chance to find out.
Master Skier of the Year? Find out who achieved greatness in the 2004-2005 nordic season.
Fresh Cocktails!  -  Tue 06/28/05
The FlyingCracker test kitchens have been busy over the last few months.
Cocktail Museum  -  Sun 03/20/05
Next time you are in New Orleans, check out the Museum of the American Cocktail .
Contest Results  -  Fri 02/04/05
Yes, we have a winner...
Whetstone Webcam  -  Fri 01/14/05
"A picture is worth a thousand words" - We've mounted a webcam showing weather coming into the Crested Butte area from Whetstone Mtn. and Mt. Emmons.
Catch-phrase Contest  -  Sun 01/09/05
We're looking for a few good words - here is your chance for fame!
Huge Storm  -  Sun 01/09/05
Nearly four feet of white gold in the last week? Believe it!
Cocktails for your iPod  -  Fri 01/07/05
Cocktails for your iPod? You betcha, we've got'em here at flyingcracker.
WSC XC Nordic Clinic  -  Fri 12/03/04
Learn from the best collegiate skiers... Monday Dec. 6th the C.B. Nordic Center will host a nordic skiing clinic given by the Western State College XC Ski Team.
CBMR 2004 Season Begins  -  Sun 11/21/04
What could be nicer than starting the ski season with a six inch powder day on a snowy Sunday?
Nordic Center Potluck  -  Sun 11/07/04
Nordic Center potluck this Thursday November 11th at 6 pm at the Nordic Center.
Speedball  -  Sun 11/07/04
"We don't need no stinkin' snow!" That was the call from organizer Brian Dale Sunday as the CB Master Skiers trained with a game of "speedball".
Wildfire Maps  -  Fri 07/16/04
Another summer, another drought season. Wildfire maps keep you informed about fire danger.
Rome Wasn't Built In A Day  -  Sun 03/07/04
Under budget and ahead of schedule, the FlyingCracker site facelift is complete. Of course we've got more features and improvements coming soon.
Pisco  -  Mon 03/01/04
Site Renovation  -  Mon 03/01/04
What is all that hammering noise? Sawdust is flying everywhere as FlyingCracker works to bring our website up to modern standards of style, format, and construction.
FlyingCracker named official site of the Crested Butte Master Skier group.
Winter Arrives  -  Sat 11/29/03
Winter has arrived, and the nordic and alpine skiing seasons have begun. We've got the links you want.
Local Tennis Site Launched  -  Fri 11/21/03
Crested Butte tennis information is available at a new web site:
Winter Holiday Punches  -  Sat 11/01/03
Campari  -  Mon 07/01/02