Cool Tools
Friday, October 28, 2005

The name says it all. I stumbled on this site a few days ago and have been enthralled with the great collection of tool reviews on this site. In fact the site is so rich I can no longer remember what brought me here in the first place. The short reviews cover items ranging from transparent duct tape (who knew?) to polysheet instant whiteboards to the Crank Brother Speed Lever. There is a review of "Behind Bars: Surviving Prison", a book on how to survive in jail. If you are one of those trendy bald young bucks or a babe looking for the erotic alien smooth head style you might be interested in the Headblade, a "perfect scalp razor". Frankly I have no idea how I got by so long with inferior tools and incomplete advice.

From the Cool Tools main page: "Cool tools really work. A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true. I am chiefly interested in stuff that is extraordinary, better than similar products, little-known, and reliably useful for an individual or small group. I depend on friends and readers to suggest things they actually use. There are plenty of places to read about stuff that should be cool, or that looks new and cool, and that might be useful. These recommendations here, on the other hand, are based on people who have used this item and many similar and have come to see its superiority. Items can be old items, or cheap things that you still dote on after years of use. Great new gear, if well tested by you, are also wonderful. I post things I like and I ignore the rest." This sounds very much like the flyingcracker cocktail philosophy.

Here is the main site:

Here are the "tool" categories. Check out this site - I guarantee you'll find at least one item you must have.