Surfing Blue Mesa
Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gravity, unseasonably warm temperatures, and the great galaxy of stars above have created an inland surfing haven at Blue Mesa Reservoir near Gunnison Colorado. USFS Division of Hot Air & Gasses superintendent Dennnis Hall explained, "Gravity is sucking downward once again. Water has been extracted from our snowpack at a never-before-seen record rate, resulting in an surplus of excess liquid hydrogen dioxide in the reservoir basin." Local Manners Maven Johnny Norrton added, "Since I wrote about Crested Buttians and their sometimes unseemly manners in the paper, locals have been 'pleasing' and 'thank-you'-ing 24 hours a day. Needless to say this unfamiliar behavior and the resulting synaptic short-circuits have caused much of the global warming we experience in the Valley today. Poor sods." Famed horrorscope author Cheryl Cnnr opined, "Nine months ago Mercury and Mars mixed it up with Venus and Uranus at a star-studded cocktail party. You are seeing the inevitable result of their dalliance, a tidal swing of epic proportions." Epic indeed. This once tiny reservoir has expanded to fill the lowlands between Almont, lower Monarch Pass and the San Juans, inundating a few unfortunate communities along the way. We snapped photos of recent action at Blue Mesa Ocean.

A bronzed Ute native explains wave dynamics to extremely white men atop Black Mesa Beach.

Local surfer Rich Smythe ran aground in Tincup with his pal Buster.

Lovely Costa Rican "Ticas" take a break from the action at Telluride Shores.

One lucky lass is propelled shoreward by an elk-spit foam wave.

Last chance for romance on Cerro Summit Sands.