Sunday, December 04, 2005

flyingcracker.com originates from the curious mind of Graham Ullrich, a software engineer and private pilot who loves weather, cocktails, and fooling around with Python, Django, C++, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The site went live around Halloween 2000. In January 2005 we installed a camera outside flyingcracker headquarters. The webcam views Whetstone mountain to the west; the photo is updated every ten minutes from 6 am until 9 pm. This quasi-live photo has quickly become a favorite of residents and second-homeowners alike. We probably get more email about the webcam than for all the other pages combined. As for site traffic, by October 2006 we broke the 1,000 hit barrier and in January 2007 exceeded one hundred members. Wheee!

The flyingcracker logo was designed by our good friend Stephen Smith. Stephen is a world traveller, artist, rider and graphic designer. He quickly distilled the essence of flyingcracker.com into a powerful, easily recognized logo. You'll be seeing more of our new logo in months to come. Thanks Stephen! [You can reach Stephen for your graphic design needs: iamstephensmith@gmail.com]

The new banner photograph was taken October 15, 2005 from the peak of Gothic Mountain during an informal hike in memory of local realtor Jim Gebhart. Jim was a tireless steward for the Crested Butte valley and a great friend of flyingcracker.com. Our banner photo shows the range due east of Gothic Mountain, including Teocalli mountain (high peak on the right).

Our weather station is a Peet Bros. Ultimeter 2100. It is located at flyingcracker headquarters, 8665' MSL at  N 38° 48' 47.3", W 106° 53' 41.7". Here is a map .

Please feel free to with your comments and suggestions. Thanks for supporting flyingcracker.com... spread the word!

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