Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
Sunday, March 07, 2004

Under budget and ahead of schedule, the FlyingCracker site facelift is complete. With the recent work we've managed to bring all of FlyingCracker: weather, cocktails, and occasional ramblings, into one semi-cohesive whole. Our goal was a more visually consistent and easier to navigate site - hopefully we have succeeded in your eyes. Now all we need is a good home page logo graphic (the cocktail glass is reserved for the Cocktail section). If you have a logo idea (180 x 180, must have FlyingCracker at the top like the current logos) please send me your file and you might achieve fame and/or notoriety. And please send any feedback on the upgrade, positive or negative, to graham at flyingcracker dot com. Thanks!

Of course we've got more features and improvements coming soon. We'd like to improve the CBMR snow report display (think little graphic mountains with snowfall amounts and snow depths shown at the bottom, middle, and top of the images). We're experimenting with different current weather displays, some textual, some graphic. We're planning to add a cocktail ingredient chooser - you select an ingredient to use for a cocktail and we'll show you which of our cocktails include that ingredient. Eventually (but this is a long ways off) we'd like to get a web-cam and display current images of Crested Butte Mountain, Paradise Divide, and Whetstone. If you have other ideas please let us know.

Thanks to Jean-Marc Ventimiglia of JMVware for help with Javascript oddities and mySQL peculiarities. Jean-Marc knows about a lot of strange things...