New Year Thanks
Thursday, January 17, 2008

Starting 2008 we at are very thankful indeed. Here are some reasons why...

Thanks to the Crested Butte Professional Ski Patrol. These hardy men and women have the entire mountain open, "wall to wall and floor to ceiling" according to our friend Dave. Their work has been superlative, opening virtually all our extreme terrain before the new year, and then quickly getting those hundreds of acres open again after each big storm. Please tell your friendly patrol-person that you appreciate their early mornings and long days. Our recommendation? A sixer of beer or a foot massage gift certificate.

Thanks to the CB Land Trust, the CB Nordic Council, and Jackie & John Ingham for once again creating a fun nordic trail on the old Niccoli ranch and Ingham property. And thanks to the Crested Butte South Property Owners Association for grooming the trail. Since the CBSPOA pays for grooming, CB South residents can ski on this track for free. Get out there with your family and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Sorry, dogs are not allowed on the track.

nordic trail on CB Land Trust and Ingham properties outside CB South

Thanks to KBUT for getting local news back on the airwaves. First-year manager Dave Clayton has teamed up with Gunnison Country Times and Crested Butte News newspaper reporters to produce several local news items a week. These stories are aired weekdays just after NPR Headline News at noon and again at 6:30 pm after NPR's All Things Considered. On Saturday and Sunday the local stories air around 9 am. For those of you who, like us, cannot always listen at specific times, KBUT has recorded versions of all these stories on their new web site. KBUT is making great strides to better serve our community, and we strongly urge you to help out during their next pledge drive. [Disclosure: Graham Ullrich (your flyingcracker host) is a 9 year veteran of the KBUT Board of Directors.]

Thanks to the Crested Butte Avalanche Center for a) such a good local forecast, and b) providing their daily report to At flyingcracker headquarters the CBAC report is the first weather item we view every morning. This season the CBAC forecasters have absolutely nailed it, beating NOAA day after day in clear and stormy weather. Well done!

Finally, thanks to flyingcracker fans around the world for all your kind emails. Here are some of the comments we have received lately:

"...just a note to say how much I've been enjoying the site. Rock on!" - Aron

"Hey Graham, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website, information and general quirkyness, we need more of you in the world." - Karah

"Love the new weather synopsis at the top of the page.  Great stuff!  However, I'm ignorant of weather jargon, so I don't know what you mean by T-2". Can you enlighten me?" - Joanne
(we emailed Joanne that T-2" means a "trace" to two inches of snow)

"i just gotta tell ya that i love your site... it's SO awesome.  it gives me all the cb info i need!  good job, dude." - Kristen

Thank you everyone for your support. We're glad you appreciate Enjoy the new year!