Al Johnson 2007
Sunday, March 25, 2007

Travis Scheefer (men) and Karina Steele (women) won the 2007 Al Johnson Memorial Uphill Downhill Telemark Ski Race. Flyingcracker would like to point out that Travis once lived six houses down the street from FC world headquarters, and Karina Steele (the best superhero real name we've ever seen) was our way-cool next-door neighboor for years. Coincidence? We think not. Congratulations to Travis and Karina!

As usual, the costumes were creative:

snow conditions

Snow conditions from left to right: surface (w)hoar, depth (w)hoar, shear failure, and sliding bed.

strike a pose

How did melissa and michelle become such good posers?

global warming

Scouts can stop global warming!

shaun horne look-alike

Is that shaun horne racing?

obviously an imposter... with those colors the painting must be a forgery.

mona gives leonardo a big smile

socket and plug fit nicely together

amazingly the whole gang is still standing upright

We think shower person should have been nude (come on, you're in a shower!) and james brennan should have been clothed

Suits were in high fashion this year.

D.I.A.B. (these guys and the Spice Girls both played sweet tunes.) We need a professional P.A. at this event!

Spice Girls! had it goin' on with a choreographed dance party. Obviously many hours of rehearsal went into their production.

wendy, alison, and "i-lost-the-bet" guy ready for the start

A happy Travis Scheefer (middle) is flanked by the extremely safe Colby Deer (left) and perennial top finisher Pat O'Neil (right). Travis went on to win the race, thus ensuring his place in AJ history.

all costumes are lined up and ready for H-Baum to give the signal...

our last view of the racers.