flyingcracker v2.0
Saturday, January 14, 2006

The king is dead. Long live the king!
Welcome to the new, with improvements, additions, and bug fixes for your viewing pleasure. The short list:

  • "my flyingcracker" - create your own customized page
  • Custom weather units - Fahrenheit or Celsius, knots or mph, etc.
  • CB News top stories
  • Road conditions for common trips
  • Road conditions map
  • Airport conditions
  • RSS feed
  • And more!

my flyingcracker
While all of our new features are exciting, perhaps none is as cool as the new "my flyingcracker" feature. Briefly, the concept is that after registering you can organize a custom page showing just the content you want to see. You can display any of twenty three (23) different items. You decide what units to use for temperature, for barometric pressure, and for wind speed. And you decide in what order to show the different sections.

For example a local user might want the forecast, a temperature plot, and the latest CBMR snow report. A user from Phoenix might want to see the webcam photo and the CB News top stories in that order. A UPS or Fedex driver might want to see the current road conditions for the trip between CB and Grand Junction, followed by the forecast. Your relatives in Europe may want to see our current conditions, but need the temperature in Celsius and barometric pressure in millibars. All these scenarios are possible. And you can have all your desired sections displayed in any order.

driving conditions
We are very excited about our new driving condition reports. You can see the latest road conditions for a variety of common driving trips to/from Crested Butte. The road conditions come from the latest CDOT reports. Additionally you can view maps to see the general area of the reported conditions for your trip. Tell your visiting friends and relatives about this one.

airport conditions
We show you the latest airport conditions as reported by NOAA.

CB News top headlines
The venerable Crested Butte News provides us with their top headlines for the week. Handy for out-of-town viewers and travelers. You can find more stories at their site.


  • We now have an RSS feed  for our blog. You will be notified of the latest blog entry on our main page.
  • Find out more than you ever wanted to know about by clicking About us at the bottom of any page.
  • New logo... designed by our friend Stephen Smith.
  • New banner photo.
  • Improved layout.

In order to take advantage of "my flyingcracker" features you must register. Registration is simple and takes just a minute or two. Please be assured that registration will not subject you to massive spam or irrelevant junk. Our registration system is solely designed to allow the display of your customized page. Note that this system works best if you allow cookies from With cookies you don't need to sign in every time you access the site. But even if you don't allow cookies your custom content will work, you will just have to sign in when you come to flyingcracker. Note that our cookies are yummy but anonymous; they contain no personal information about you.

When you register you need to provide your email address and a first and last name. We take your privacy very seriously. Our privacy policy is here. The short version is we will never disclose your email address to a third party and we won't abuse your trust. Believe me, we don't like spam any more than you do.

Thanks to Jill Hickey and Melissa Ruch at the CB News.
Thanks to you for all your suggestions and comments.
And big thanks and a hug to Doc Sue for her patience and understanding with the obsessive/compulsive development staff.