Contest Results

We have a winner!

The catchphrase contest was a big success. We received 150 entries from 37 people from all around the globe. Well, mostly from Crested Butte, but we got our fair share of entries from Texas, Utah, and Arizona. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. Four qualified judges labored mightily to reduce the 150 entries to a manageable number. They performed their job admirably and will receive a cocktail of their choice from the test kitchen. Incidentally, none of these judges had any idea who submitted the entries - all their judging was done exclusively on the merits of the phrases themselves.

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):

A little snow ain't going Tequila
Dave Brewster
(Best Pun)
Butte Weather Bytes
Don Ullrich
Can you feel it?
Sue Schappert
Don't fear the weather
Kirstin Peterson
(Best Classic Rock Reference)
Get Cirrus
Carol Dale
High Pressure? No Problem!
Chuck Spinks
Hold the ice
Carter Ullrich
It's Always Pouring
Kate & Chris Ladoulis
Old Fashioned Weather
Dave Brewster
Spirited Weather
Jackie Levine
Stirring Weather
Brian Levine
Sunshine and moonshine
Dave Brewster
Weather or not
Diane Markowitz
Kevin Beltz
Mathew Barlow
Ed Weeks
Leslie Baeder
Terri Ullrich

And the winner is...

Dangerously Informative

submitted by Bob Nowotny. This entry most embodied the feel we were seeking - edgy, snappy, and fun. It pertains equally to weather and to cocktails yet still leaves the door open for future fun. Someone who doesn't know the site will read "Dangerously Informative" and think, "I've got to check that out!". Hopefully you current aficionados will say to yourselves, "Right on!" or "Damn straight!" or "Sick!" or "Fo shizzle, G!" or whatever you think is a cool affirmative declaration.

Bob and his wife Lynda submitted thirty-three (33) entries, fully 22% of the field, thus proving that size (or at least volume) does matter. Bob is a former resident of Crested Butte who now calls Texas home. He is a writer, a film director, producer, and a private pilot. Bob will be around for this year's Crested Butte Reel Fest - be sure to tell him congratulations. He probably wouldn't turn down a pint of Guinness if you feel so inclined.

Thanks again to all the entrants, without your playful sense of humor this place would be a lot less fun. And thanks for your support of

The Entrants

Leslie Baeder, Mathew Barlow, Kevin Beltz, Skip Berkshire, Nancy Boles, Kathy Carr, Brian Dale, Carol Dale, Patricia Dawson, Jim Gebhart, Kurt Giesselman, Lisa Gindy, Chuck Johnson, Alex King, Chris Ladoulis, Kate Ladoulis, Brian Levine, Jackie Levine, Diane Markowitz, Bob Nowotny, Lynda Nowotny, Sean O'Neill, Abby Patterson, Kirstin Peterson, Bob Schappert, Sue Schappert, Dave Scheefer, Chuck Spinks, Frank Trice, Carter Ullrich, Don Ullrich, Graham Ullrich, Terri Ullrich, Ed Weeks, Bryan Wickenhauser, Art Wilson, Nancy Young