Lost Armstrong Bike Helmet
Monday, July 13, 2009

We've all said it after returning home from a ride/hike...

"Wait! Where's my <fill in the blank>?"

Liz, wearing her soon-to-be-misplaced Lance Armstrong helmet

You finish a ride, for example our fave Cement Creek trail Reno-Flag-Bear-Deadman, and you're flying high from the thrill. Euphoric from making the last climb up Deadman Gulch and cleaning every switchback on the way down, you just can't stop exclaiming over the awesomeness of your ride. Maybe you wade in Cement Creek to cool off your smokin' hot legs. Maybe you high-five your buddies and jump around a bit. Maybe you revel quietly with the satisfaction of finally cleaning the entire trail. And in that floating-on-a-cloud state of mind you pack up, drive away and... accidentally leave behind one piece of gear. Ugh, we've all done it. I'll admit to a "misplaced" set of bike gloves and the old flyingcracker GPS. Both were right where I left them when I returned several hours later. Unfortunately that doesn't always happen.

Sunday July 12, 2009, flyingcracker fan Liz Parsons "lost" her helmet (as shown) at the Deadman trailhead up Cement Creek Road in Crested Butte South. Not just any helmet, but a Lance Armstrong personal helmet! The design is very distinctive and the skid lid has great sentimental value to Liz. Presumably the helmet was left at the Deadman parking lot, but perhaps it slipped off her vehicle during the drive out.

If you picked up this helmet at the trailhead yesterday, or hear about someone who found a "free" helmet up there, please send us an email at lost@flyingcracker.com. We'll see that it gets back to Liz and you'll pick up valuable trail karma points. Thanks!