Half Ready
Friday, October 30, 2009

We were only half ready for this big October storm. A high school reunion trip to California during the storm prevented us from "buttoning up those outside projects" as Noah Wight likes to say. As it turns out our return to chilly CB was delayed by a day and we felt lucky to spend just one day in airplanes and airports and rental cars.

The back yard leaves were raked up, but not the front. Firewood was stacked, split and filled in the wood ring, but lawn chairs and summer umbrellas are still outside hoping for action. One snow shovel was ready, but the other three were stored away. Driveway snow stakes? Who needs stinkin' snow stakes in October?!

Summer furniture feeling a bit cold

Summer furniture wondering just what happened!

Firewood ring is ready!

Firewood and one shovel, always ready for service at flyingcracker headquarters.

On another topic, the lack of blog-like output from flyingcracker lately is entirely my fault. You know it's getting bad when your mother writes a sarcastic email wondering about the poor girl who lost her helmet. We wrote many trail karma articles in our head this summer, scintillating titles such as "Early Season Trail Karma", "Mid Season Trail Karma" and the ever-popular "Late Season Trail Karma". Unfortunately none of these made it to the keyboard. The painful and awkward web site management system currently used for flyingcracker is partly to blame, as is my all-consuming current job and occasional work on our super-secret test site, http://www.cracklyfinger.com. Nevertheless we'll try harder in the future to write stories more regularly.