Speedy Cracker
Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The flyingcracker web site has successfully been moved to a new computer server, resulting in faster page loads.

Initially we experienced some broken pages, incorrect current weather conditions and no Whetstone webcam. These issues were first reported by flyingcracker fan JimboJambo late Monday night. We quickly resolved these issues and as far as we know the only piece of flyingcracker no longer working is the daily weather plot system. This is unlikely to be fixed mainly because we are working on the next version of flyingcracker and would rather put our energy into that effort.

One thrilling result of the server move is much speedier page loading. We don't have any firm numbers to back this up but our experience shows incredibly quick loading of the weather page. According to our generous host provider Matt Barron, "the new server is beefier, especially in terms of its internet connection." The server computer is located in a high-availability facility which should result in better reliability and fewer outages. Good news for all of us weather junkies.