Meyer Lemon Heaven
Sunday, December 02, 2007

Fresh lemon juice is the key to many a great cocktail. Here in the mountains of Colorado we're usually limited to the generic C. medica lemon. And yet there is a better option. The Meyer lemon is a wonderful combination of sweet orange and tart lemon. The Meyer is the zenith of citrus flavor, a zestful lemon sun creating a sweet orange sunrise. The sweet Meyer lemon taste blends beautifully with every cocktail on the flyingcracker list. And for us here at flyingcracker headquarters this holiday season is starting out great because today Mrs. FlyingCracker obtained a bag Meyer lemons at City Market in Gunnison. We have rarely encountered anyone who even heard of the Meyer lemon. In fact we think Tish Crompton is the only person we know actively using the Meyer lemon on a day-to-day basis. Here is the bag and fruit from City Market:

If you love lemons and/or cocktails go to City Market in Gunnison and buy a bag of Meyer lemons. One bag of six lemons is $4, so they are a bit expensive. If all the Meyer lemon bags are gone, please ask the Produce department manager to order more. We're not kidding, this is a wonderful opportunity for all us classic cocktail (and lemon) lovers. If we are successful then our evenings might look something like this, a Meyer lemon sunset from CB South:

One final note. While in Costa Rica recently we happened upon a huge bin of ugly limes. As it turns out, these were another great hybrid, the Mandarin lime. Just like the Meyer lemon, the Mandarin lime is a slightly sweeter version of the common lime. The hint of mandarin orange taste lends itself well to nearly any lime-based cocktail. Be sure to try some during your next surfing adventure.