Soul Train 2007
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Soul Train 2007 - what a great party!

Our very own DJ Triple L (Lunch Lady Laura, right) provided the booty-shaking tunes.

Between Triple-L and former Ms. Motown Karah Cunningham (left) the joint was rockin!

KBUT volunteer Arvin Ram was selected King of Soul. (sorry, in the excitement we missed his photo)

All sorts of fetish clothing made an appearance.


KBUT Events Coordinator Josh Elmer and Music Director Chad Reich kept the ladies happy.

Lots of booty-shakin' goin' on...

Peter escorts a hot, spine-tingling mama.

Hippies joined in the fun...

Mystical shiny plastic discs hypnotized the hot and sweaty dance crowd.

Wendy and James get funky wid it.


Shake your groove thang, yeah yeah! These folks posed at every opportunity. Thanks KBUT!