Sunday, July 10, 2005
For a long time I've wondered if I would have fun bartending. Sure, I've made cocktails for family and friends for many years, and I've taught cocktail workshops to aficionados around the States. And like everyone else I waited tables after college while trying to find a "real" job. But somehow bartending was never part of the picture. Until now.


I am bartending Thursday and Friday nights (and some Saturdays as well) at the Buffalo Grille in Crested Butte. Chef and owner Anthony Reichenbach was kind enough to take me on for the summer season. So far I've had my hands full learning restaurant procedures and the bartending trade. But soon I plan to complement the Buffalo Grille's fine menu with a small selection of hand-crafted cocktails from the collection.

Please come by and check out the scene, or call 349-9699 for dinner reservations. The Buffalo Grille is located on 6th Street at the four-way stop, next to Century 21 realty.