Al Johnson 2008
Monday, March 24, 2008

High temperatures of nearly forty degrees Fahrenheit were predicted for the 2008 Al Johnson Memorial Uphill Downhill Telemark Ski Race, bringing out the exhibitionist nature in many entrants.  However, according to the flyingcracker database temps barely reached twenty degrees F at race time, quite a bit colder than the inside of your refrigerator. And remember, the flyingcracker weather station is in balmy warm CB South at 8500', not the 10,000' or so elevation of the race start! Luckily the skies were clear, the sun was shining brightly, and everyone had fun.

Animals were a happy theme at this year's event. Here Randy, Joan and Benjamin show their ranching spirit. Mooo!

Alison, Tim & Co. dressed as "Three Blind Mice" with the farmer's wife. Note the white ski pole "canes"...

Gorgeous peacocks made an appearance...

... as did partying penguins, seemingly not affected by global warming.

Celebrities also made a splash. "Bond, James Bond" made a debonair appearance.

We hear the Playboy Mansion is passe compared to Mountaineer Square. Hef brought Bunny for some racy on-slope action.

Apparently Amy Winehouse was just released from rehab.

Austin Powers made it to the top...

...followed closely by Fat Bastard and a Fembot.

Captain America made sure the race was safe for all.

An eighth-dimension doppleganger of Team Salomon/Crested Butte, well-equipped and riding a camel. Hope they brought a compass!

Ben Morello and friends as the Dukes of Hazzard, riding in the General Lee. Accompanied by Cletus in his tow truck, the Dukes were last down the course. One day earlier Ben won the 12th annual U.S. Extreme Freeskiing Telemark Championship in C.B. Congrats Ben!

The bumper car girls were well protected. These costumes topped the FlyingCracker favorites list even though their flames were going backwards.

Political statements were made for worthy local causes...

... and world events.

Giant Buddha made a silent protest for peace.

Other people showed their spirit with music. Below, Jerry Garcia rides piggyback with Deadhead Ed, seven speakers and a stereo! Yes, the stereo was playing exactly what you'd think, quite possibly something from Dick's Picks.

Some people were dressed too warmly (is that an Artesanos rug?) for the uphill but were comfortable on the downhill...

... while others had the opposite problem.

The Snow Bubble Queen demonstrated a flair for costuming with packing materiel. We think she should team up with Duct Tape Dominatrix from 2006.

Tequila-wielding Bandidos joined in the fun.

OK, not much of a costume, but Pat O'Neil did win the mens race. Congratulations Pat!

The planets in our solar system made fun of lonely exiled Pluto, recently demoted to star status.

Team Zissou (from "The Life Aquatic...") made a documentary-style showing...

... that soon turned a bit risque (not to mention cold).

Arliss pulls ahead of one of Jesus' apostles who apparently dropped his malt beverage.

Beverage finished and can crushed for recycling, the apostle shuffles towards his downhill slide...

While removing skins Bunny lost one ski down Fredo's. Hef gallantly skied down to pick it up, leaving Bunny to ski Avery alone on a single ski.

She was soon followed by the Apostle who begins his downhill with a prayer. [To catch Bunny or just make it down in one piece?]

Thanks to Al Johnson organizers Michele Zembal and the Alpineer, their cheerful crew of volunteers, CBMR, and all the other event sponsors for hosting another great race. See you next year!