Murphy Brown
1 pkg.Near East Rice Pilaf
1 bunchbroccoli (fresh)
1 6 oz. cantuna(light chunk)
You'll need a pressure cooker for the rice and a steamer for the broccoli. Bring 1-3/4 cup water to a boil in a pressure cooker. Dump in the rice pilaf and seasoning. Fasten the lid and wait for the pressure indicator to pop up. Reduce heat to very low and set a timer for 12 minutes. Put an inch of water in the steamer and heat to boiling. While the pilaf is cooking and the double-boiler is heating, wash the broccoli and chop into manageable pieces. When the steamer is boiling, toss the broccoli into the top of the steamer and reduce heat to medium. The broccoli takes about eight minutes to cook to a nice al dente. While both of these are cooking, open and drain the can of tuna. When the rice pilaf is done, stir it a bit with a wooden fork, then add the tuna and broccoli. Mix it about and serve in large bowls. Top with butter or a small dollop of Newman's Own Italian salad dressing.
This recipe is a collaboration by Nancy Boles (nee Schappert) and Graham Ullrich. It was created during the first season of the Murphy Brown television sitcom in 1989. At the time Nancy was living with Graham and his wife Sue in Houston, Texas. Murphy Brown aired on Mondays and Nancy always prepared this easy treat to eat during the show. Graham came up with the idea of dressing the dish with Paul Newman's Newman's Own Italian salad dressing. They've been eating Murphy Brown ever since.